Welcome to Black Online Businesses (BOB). BOB is the first international online marketplace for all black business owners (small, medium and large) and buyers/customers, to meet, become friends, business partners and also a superb international meeting place for us to trade and support each other in our local and international communities.

BOB showcase your business to an international audience to provide you with an opportunity to gain maximum exposure for your products and services. We open and connect you with markets which you are normally unable to connect with on your own.

BOB has several goals for your business success. Our main goal is to provide our black owned businesses with a centralised online marketplace. The internet is a very powerful tool for business owners and customers.

Now, for the first time black owned businesses operating in every country, have the opportunity to reach out and connect with our global community of other black businesses and customers in other parts of the World. BOB is a centralised location which provides us with the unique opportunity to circulate our black currencies within our communitities, both locally and internationally.

By circulating our currencies amongst ourselves we are thereby able to create more jobs, stronger community ties and more awareness of community loyalty. Ultimately we are all better positioned to support each other and also to grow stronger culturally, financially, economically, politically and religiously.

With the help and support of each member of our wider international community, BOB is working tirelessly to help our businesses and communities grow stronger together. We are investing time and money into all areas needed to build our respective communities locally and internationally.

BOB provides networking support for our members in areas such as workshops, networking events, webinars, online training, information and other support needed for us to grow and expand our businesses as sole traders, patnership, charities or limited companies.

Let us share our vast knowledge and experiences both in life generally and also in our businesses to grow stronger together. No other community or culture is doing it for us and, we do not expect them to. It is our obligation to take the initiative and capture the rich array of information and experiences we possess to build ourselves stronger and wiser. Together we aspire, together we achieve, a community that works together grows stronger together.

We are regularly updating our services with new arrivals and also new technologies. Our aim is to ensure we provide you with the best online services. This will assist you in competing with the wider business community.

We welcome business owners from any legitimate business. Many of our business owners work from home and are sole traders. Some are single parents, we are here to help you.