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Roti Stop

We specialize in Caribbean food.
38B Stoke Newington Road

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Welcome to Black Online Businesses (BOB). BOB is the first international online marketplace for all black business owners (small, medium and large) and buyers, to meet, become friends. become business partners and also to trade with each other.

At BOB we showcase your business to an international audiance to ensure you gain maximum exposure for your products and services.

One of BOB's main goals is to provide our businesses with a centralised online meeting place, which gives us the opportunity to connect with our global community and help our people to circulate our black currencies within our communitities, both internationally and locally.

This creates more jobs, stronger community ties and more awareness of community loyalty.

We are regularly updating our services with new arrivals and also new technologies. Our aim is to ensure we are providing you with the best online services. This will assist you in competing with the wider business community.

Membership is easy, simply fill in the application form and submit it for approval.

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