BOB is an online international superstore for black business owners and customers. BOB uses the internet to connect black businesses and their owners, small, medium or large with each other and also with their customers locally and internationally.

BOB provides customers with access to small, medium and large black businesses within their communities and also internationally. Our team of experts are working at all levels to ensure your business gets noticed.

We use marketing and advertising strategies to inform and engage businesses and customers.

Who are the people behind BOB

BOB is the product of the dreams of two very dynamic individuals who became business partners because they share the same goals.

Ms Val Locker

Ms Val Locker is the Founder of an Organisation called The S.O.L.I.D. Foundation which is an acronym for Successfullly Owning the LifeStyle I Deserve.

Val's background is in Banking, Finance, Sales and Relationship Marketing and has over 40 years combined experience in all these areas.

Val is a highly successful, dynamic, motivated entrepreneur who has been in business for over 30 years and knows the importance of Believing First in herself, then in the concept and inevitably in the products and/or services which she provides.

Val supports both young and mature students to get back into University/College by providing a wide range of courses designed to give people a second chance. The courses and maintenance costs are funded by Student Finance England which can escalate to £24,000 per annum.

As a professional networker, Val consults with many people around the World especially in the area of Health and Wellness. Ms Locker has a wealth of information and knowledge which she shares with other women and men within her immediate community and beyond.

Dave Saunders

Dave began his entrepreneural life at an early age. He started his own business back in Trinidad West Indies as a 10 year old, breading and selling tropical fish.

Dave then moved into Trade Unionism after leaving school and represented workers in the construction industry as the union secretary.

He also played a part in the local steelband movement helping to start the organisation which objective is to help youths find direction by taking them off the streets and involving them in the national culture.

He later joined the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC). A political and cultural organisation which is still instrumental in the development of black people in Trinidad and Tobago. Representing the organisation in the local government elections and also taking part in its many activities.

Dave came to the UK over 30 years ago and started his own business in the security industry which he then expanded into other businesses such as a cleaning company, a promotion company promoting black artists and also a production company which interviewed the likes of Darcus Howe and other role models in the black community.

He spent the past 20 years both in the catering and multi-level marketing industries and has extensive knowledge in both areas.

His main goal is to make our black people financially, morally and spiritually strong.


We are all team members at BOB. Teamwork makes us stronger and we are determined to achieve the ultimate goal for our people, which is freedom and equality internationally. We are only able to do this by providing an international platform for us to circulate our black currencies amongst our communitities both internationally and locally.

By providing our businesses with a centralised online meeting place, BOB is giving us more choices to connect with, and spend our currencies within our global community.